virtual events

The greatest obstacle with virtual events is finding a solution to engage participants experientially, in real-time.

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  • Unify your group (in real life, or remote)

  • Fundraise experientially

    Attract and reward sponsors

    Host virtual events

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  • Broadcast messaging

  • In-app campaigns for real-time donations

  • Muti-touch sponsorship features

  • Event implementation

our use-cases

Marathon teams 2.0

hollarhype has helped marathon teams unify with the most engaging way to connect, support and motivate charity runners. By subscribing your team to hollarhype, each runner can hear hypes from #1 fans, their teammates, and team leaders while they train and during the big day.

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Virtual 5k

Regional 5k races traditionally generate cause awareness and funding support for charities. When these events are pushed "virtual," participants miss out on the spirit of the event. That's where hollarhype fills in the gaps and why charities choose us for virtual solutions. Beyond our premium features designed for charities-like, the ability to cause heroes to broadcast messages to all participants at designated mile triggers-the hollarhype team can help design, host, and implement your vision for a spirited and memorable virtual 5k.

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more details

  • Broadcast messaging

    In-app campaigns for real-time donations

    Multi-touch sponsorship features

    Event implementation

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pricing for organizations



group creation

real time voice messaging

social feed

personal message archive


$3 /user /month
billed by organization

+ a $999 implementation fee

free features +

unlimited group members

experiential campaigns for in-moment fundraising

spotlights for sponsors

custom onboarding assets for end-user adoption

dedicated consult for program success


  • $8 per active user / month

  • + implementation $300

    (sliding scale after group size of 500)

    Looking to start with an event?

    $1000 base + $2 per user

    Free Trial
  • $8 per active user / month

  • + implementation $300

    (sliding scale after group size of 500)

    Looking to start with an event?

    $1000 base + $2 per user

    Free Trial
hollarhype is for everyone and easy-to-use.

feel the magic in motivation when you hear from the voices that matter at the very best times.


  • Create groups for trust-based connection

  • Invite people to fuel relevant activity

  • Go live! for experiential emotional support

  • Hype up others at the right time with your voice

  • Surf spirit in your group feed

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  • basic +

    broadcast messages from influencers

  • Fundraise with in-app campaigns

  • Reap benefits from sponsors

  • Unify with group during a virtual event

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real-time voice messaging
supporters can record and send voice messages to people mid-challenge, delivered in real-time
real-time voice streaming
challenge-goers hear voice messages from their supporters in real-time, hands-free, even if they are listening to music
GPS tracking
GPS tracking is optional for a LIVE user on hollarhype. When activated, distance is displayed in the app for supporters to see.
Up to 10 people who GO LIVE can join a group. (Folks who support are unlimited.)
social feed
Cruising the feed is a fun experience the spirit of your group. It displays status updates and public group messages (just hit 'replay!') between members.


experiential campaigns
supporters are able to contribute a donation to a LIVE user's campaign when activated.
Campaigns cost $10 to activate per day, when the member is not part of a premium group.
hero hypes
pre-recorded voice messages can be programmed to trigger at various GPS points, or time intervals, for all LIVE users on a certain day
in-app display for sponsors to promote their support of your mission to your network on the platform
unlimited group size
on hollarhype premium, group size is un-limited
event or program hosting
leverage in-app display to make members feel energized about your event or program.