on emotional support:
re-imagining access and delivery for better mental health

What happens when people feel isolated against their challenges? 
Does connectivity really matter?

How much does the value and rate of emotional support influence our mental health?

What happens when people want to support the challenge of a loved one, but they don't if it's appropriate, or how and when to "show up?"

Our team has been considering these questions for years.

With the inspiration of lived experiences, we sought a solution and asked ourselves . . . If everyone could hear from the voices that matter at the right times, how would it affect confidence? How more goals would move forward?

The answers we've found fuel the user-experience of the first real-time, trust-based voice platform: hollarhype.

We are excited to collaborate with mental health experts to discover the ways our platform can optimize emotional support for anyone who feels like an underdog.

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health obstacles people face in the united states.

Only half of those folks are receiving treatment, meaning about 20million adults navigate their obstacles alone. Our team is driven to connect more people pursuing challenges with accessible, trust-based emotional support.

hollarhype is focused on clinical trials

Our technology has been explored by clinicians and we are setting our sights on research collaborations for 2021. Areas of interest so far have been in accessibility, veteran affairs, and pediatric oncology.

If you are part of a clinical team interested in trialing our platform to relieve anxiety through trust-based emotional support, please get in touch.

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hollarhype collaborates
with academics

We are working with academic institutions to collaborate on research related to emotional support. If you are interested in partnering with us to use our software platform to study emotional support outcomes, please get in touch! 

are you a change-maker for an organization that has an interest in mental health?

We can design custom programs that serve people with emotional challenges. Let's discover what those opportunities look like together.
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