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Level up for good... a live-streamed series for charities amidst the challenges of COVID-19

Apr 6, 2020 11:37:36 AM / by Emily Zaccardi

Level up NEW@4x

The global pandemic has effected so many aspects of life as we knew it. There are many ways to give and support. hollarhype's mission in helping charitable missions move forward remains our priority, which is why we decided to launch a program that makes free resources and strategies more accessible to charities, in a way that is easy to consume and engaging. Hosted by our founder, Emily Zaccardi, this program will feature a conversation with a different thought leader in the non-profit space each week. With more information and support from one another, we can all make strides forward. 

What is it like to join the live-stream?

Have you ever been to a fireside chat style networking event? This is the virtual version. The experience will be like watching a podcast recording live, and with video. By tuning in, you can ask real-time questions through the comment forum—there is no video sharing for the many viewers, only the speakers. (No need to do your hair or hold back from your snacks.) As a viewer, you access the stream through our partners at introvoke. Set your event reminder here

What's up this week?

img-lc-logoDavid Langton, President of NYC-based Langton Creative Group, will be our featured guest this week, sharing his insights on guiding non-profits in their creative strategy over the past 25+ years. David has led many non-profits to creative breakthroughs in regard to important messaging and impact event planning. Both of which are relevant today, in thinking about the actions we can take now and the projects we can recalibrate for later. 

Is someone at your charity interested in sharing insights on the next live-stream? 
Please reach out to emily@hollarhype.com

What else is hollarhype doing for charities right now? 

charity offer LI and email@4x

Our platform has gone through some recent updates to better support charitable fundraising teams. If you are part of an endurance team—like a marathon team or a cycling event—and you are looking for a way to unify your team and effectively fundraise during a virtual event, check out our program. We are offering 3 months of a premium service for free to help support your charity's mission during this challenging time. 


Any other resources to share?

good mammals@4xSure thing. Check out this site, goodmammals.com — a collection of free resources that can alleviate personal and business-related obstacles during a time of scarcity. 




Emily Zaccardi

Written by Emily Zaccardi

hollarhype founder

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