what the app does + how it works.

Through one-way voice communication, challenge-goers receive experiential support from the voices they trust, without the distraction of message-management or the pressure to respond.

hollarhype has basic solutions for personal trust-based groups, and premium solutions for organizations.


  • Create groups for trust-based connection

  • Invite people to fuel relevant activity

  • Go live! for experiential emotional support

  • Hype up others at the right time with your voice

  • Surf spirit in your group feed

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  • basic +

    broadcast messages from influencers

  • Fundraise with in-app campaigns

  • Reap benefits from sponsors

  • Unify with group during a virtual event

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real-time voice messaging
supporters can record and send voice messages to people mid-challenge, delivered in real-time
real-time voice streaming
challenge-goers hear voice messages from their supporters in real-time, hands-free, even if they are listening to music
GPS tracking
GPS tracking is optional for a LIVE user on hollarhype. When activated, distance is displayed in the app for supporters to see.
Up to 10 people who GO LIVE can join a group. (Folks who support are unlimited.)
social feed
Cruising the feed is a fun experience the spirit of your group. It displays status updates and public group messages (just hit 'replay!') between members.


experiential campaigns
supporters are able to contribute a donation to a LIVE user's campaign when activated.
Campaigns cost $10 to activate per day, when the member is not part of a premium group.
hero hypes
pre-recorded voice messages can be programmed to trigger at various GPS points, or time intervals, for all LIVE users on a certain day
in-app display for sponsors to promote their support of your mission to your network on the platform
unlimited group size
on hollarhype premium, group size is un-limited
event or program hosting
leverage in-app display to make members feel energized about your event or program.
3 steps, 5 minutes
unlimited hypes.

get started

  • Download app

  • Create Group

  • Invite link to 2 + people

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go live

  • Ready to crush something?
    Go live!

    The members of your group will get a notification, letting them know you are live so they can send you a voice message.

hype up!

  • Support the people in your hollarhype group when they go live with real-time voice messages!


create campaigns

  • Are you advocating for a cause? 

    Create a campaign and connect it to an existing fundraising page. When your supporters send you hypes, they will be able to take action for your cause.


looking for more?

  • Hear broadcast messages from influencers

  • Fundraise with in-app campaigns

  • Reap benefits from sponsors

  • Unify with group during virtual event

hollarhype premium
rally your team's spirit through voice.

Whether you are trying to plan an engaging virtual event, motivate internal team members on a regular basis, or create a supportive space for a social community, hollarhype is here to help.
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