why we do what we do
Our mission is to keep yours thriving during the moments that make a difference.

By helping people connect with the voices that matter most while mid-challenge, we believe emotional support is at its best, can result in more goals moving forward and ultimately make the world a better place.

hollarhype is focused on the best way to empower goal setters emotionally.

It's our belief that when support from the people that care about us the most is made accessible during moments that matter, magic happens.

With one-way, real-time support, challenge-goers can receive support without the distraction to accept it or the

by connecting in real-time, supporters can zone in on authentic communication.

Real-time connecting is central to our platform because the quality of messaging is proven to be at it's best when it's recorded and delivered while a challenge is active.

hollarhype & psychology

our engagement solution is designed to unify...

whether your organization would like a better way to move its mission forward, or a way to build up the individuals that power it from within.

Social impact is very important to us, so we built our premium platform with and for non-profits and charities.

hollarhype for charities

The real problem is not getting people to care about a loved one's issue or an organization's mission. It's finding a solution that empowers people to feel connected to the spirit of the goal.

Making real-time, trust-based and relevant support accessible and inclusive motivates us to build, design and give back every day.


I've asked myself for years: if everyone could hear from the voices that matter at the right times, how many more goals would move forward? Does connectivity really matter? How much does the value and rate of emotional support influence our mental health? The answers I've found fuel the user-experience our team has designed and the voice-tech platform we have built. I named it hollarhype in a google chat message to my first team member after a long and late brainstorm about farfetched voice technology ideas, and how they might someday help charity runners.

Years earlier, when I was in college, my days were spent at the track where I put forth my best effort with a competitive team. Often injured, I felt pretty disconnected from the training cycle of my team. Months of alternative workouts in the pool or on an elliptical machine came and went with the seasons, and sometimes it was really tough to stay motivated. Like most people who feel isolated in their journey towards a goal, I wished I felt better supported. I learned throughout those years how valuable contextual support is—like when a teammate came into the gym to hype up the end of my 90-minute workout, or when my dad would surprise me at a meet hours away to remind me the day wasn't about running a fast time, and more about getting back out there.

I started asking myself, how can we make that kind of deeply contextual and experiential support more accessible?

Fast-forward to 2017 when I mentioned my idea for emotional engagement to my co-worker who I designed marketing campaigns with.

Since 2019, our team has helped charities support beneficiaries and volunteers on our platform, enabling real-time voice messaging between them and their supporters. We've helped them curate messages from their heroes to trigger for their whole group at the right times. We've helped them fundraise from donors in a way that creates a shared experience.

Through our platform, we've helped them feel unified.

Emily Zaccardi
CEO + Founder

hollarhype is a free utility app connecting individual challenge-goers with their supporters, and powerful SaaS solution that unifies organizations with its voice-based engagement. We serve non-profits and are exploring applications with healthcare and corporate organizations.

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We strive to charge up the world with accessible and inclusive support, ultimately proving a difference in mental health.
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