Right time, right voice

The app for easy, authentic communication
Better connect with the people you care about by using a convenient tool that doesn't sacrifice the magic of spontaneity.

Fuel your relationships and communities with spirit by engaging in the right moments through voice.


voice communication delivered and auto-played to people when they decide it's the best time to receive it.


and eyes-up, hear messages during any activity from the people that matter to you most, without the need to manage your phone, and without the pressure to respond.

It's like magic

voice messaging
when group members are LIVE in the app, supporters get alerted it's the right time to send a voice message, delivering in real-time
voice streaming
hear auto-streaming voice messages from supporters through headphones or speakers hands-free, even if music is playing
of all types
connect with the people in your life within groups that are unified by a common interest, mission for trust based communication

check out how it works

better connection

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