Spark feel-good moments

with right-voice, right-time connection

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Use hollarhype to encourage the people you care about, and invite them to do the same for you.

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hollarhype brings authentic connection

Exactly when
it matters most

Without the need
for coordination

Without being
glued to your phone

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Groups of all sizes and shapes thrive in hollarhype.

When someone in the group goes live, other members of the group are prompted to record a voice message. 

Messages then play automatically for the recipient, creating serendipitous moments that don’t require prior coordination or even picking up a device.

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I will never forget hearing from one of my patients on hollarhype. It was a total surprise... I was almost in tears hearing his voice as I was running for our cause.







It all starts with just one hype!

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Everyday acts of connection fuel positive emotional health.

By giving and receiving spontaneous support when it matters most, each of us can kick off a chain reaction that transforms lives for the better.

Dana Farber Cancer Institute
Gamut Management
Boston Bulldogs Running Club
Easterseals Massachusetts

hollarhype is a social software company focused on community-driven well-being for everyone.

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